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The World of Social Networking: An Attitude Adjustment Away from Glory

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Homo Sapiens are one of the most developed and evolved species living on Planet Earth. While they were given all the resources to dwell and outshine the other living creatures on this planet, they were never taught anything. All that they learned, was through trial and error. It was the method they had to  make it on their own. 

This is believed to be true for their ancestors as well. They were not taught everything by birth, they worked their way by discovering many essential things on their own.

One such key essential was the discovery of the art of “Communication”. Yes! Communication is an essential art by which we are enabled to exchange our thoughts, ideas and emotions with others. It helped us stay connected and helped us weave a social network for human beings.


Whether Symbols, Actions, Signs, Speech or Literature, Communication has been a part of human life for a long time and will be until eternity.

We have used this essential tool for ages. From the Outbreak of  the Ancient River Valley Civilizations, to the Birth of Christ. From the period of Renaissance and Industrializations to the era of Communalism. Not to mention the dangerous World Wars, which were highlighted by infamous acts of evil.

Currently, the world we liv
e in has gone through all that change and is dominated by “Technology”.

Similarly the art of “Communication” has
evolved and rather than using the traditional Symbols or Speech or Literature to share ideas, we are using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace etc to “communicate” with others and build an online social network of our own.

While these web sites have come in handy, there is no point disputing the fact, that they have various adverse affects as well. For one, they have absolutely ruined the true art of Communication which was earlier based on sharing emotions, which could be made possible only when “human beings” communicated it and no matter how developed technology is, it can never replace human beings.

It has also been notorious in spoiling the respect for one’s own language. With such a shifting of the  emphasis on “TEXTING” language, it has killed the ethics which were carried by the linguistics who showed their love for it via their stories, poems etc.

However! These are not “grave disadvantages” related to Social Networking sites, the biggest disadvantage is the amount of adverse effects it has had on our personal lives.

 People are not what they used to be. They no longer have any respect for the human race. While they are not entitled to be “kind” or “polite” they have compromised their ethics. Indeed some have on many occasions gone out of their way to hurt others, living thousands of miles away from them.

People have taken full advantage of the fact that they sit, hidden behind a computer screen and can harass people they meet online. The usage of curse words is at an all time high. Children, who have not yet entered their teens, are now exposed to data and information which is not suitable for them. These acts sure have a lot of negative impact on these human beings. These actions are usually unplanned and often aimed at the wrong people.

However, these Networking sites can’t be termed  “Useless” as yet. While we can easily chalk up a list of negatives related to them, we can’t ignore the fact that they still have many advantages, as well.

The biggest and perhaps the most advantageous being the fact, that it has made the world a smaller, closer place to live. Using them has made it easier for so many human beings, to stay connected with their near and dear ones.

Friends and family add a whole new dimension to our lives and are with us through thick and thin. However it is not necessary, nor possible for us to stay close to them, all the time. This is where these sites do come in handy in interacting with them, from time to time.

At times, these sites help us communicate with our professional needs, such as educational  facilities IE: Colleges. Such places and people, may be many miles away from where we live. But still they make communication easier. The work assigned, can be easily done. We don’t have to go to far away places, for every petty thing.

These networking sites provide us with an opportunity to meet with people from different parts of the world as well.  We come to know about the diverse cultures from all parts of the world. They give us an opportunity to share ideas, learn new things and grow, all the time.

After speaking on both sides of the story, weighing the pro’s and con’s, I am sure we all will agree that they do have many disadvantages as well. 

While I for one agree with that, I can’t help deny the fact that in the present day world such networking sites are indeed a “NECESSITY”, simply because of the fact that people won’t be able to function without it.

Now comes the one Million Dollar Question! If we were to use these tools despite the fact, that they have many adverse effects then why should we continue using them?
The answer my friend is in your hands or rather in your “Attitude”!
 Yes! You read it correctly, these web sites are nothing but a bag full of opportunities which are to be used by no one else “BUT BY YOU”.

It is entirely up to you to decide as to how you are going to utilize these bags full of opportunities. Be the master of your own Game. Don’t let anyone else decide what you do and what you don’t do.

My Advice !

Listen to your loved ones!

Listen only to the ones who care for you!

Don’t let Temptation get the best of you!

How Do You Do That?

Avoid blending with the norm and prevent compromising your ethics!

Respect for your language to settle with the environment!

No one can force us to do anything online!

No one can force their opinions online!

If someone tries to make use of their edged tongue to harass you then simply avoid communicating with them!
 If people are talking about things, which you deem improper for you then simply avoid responding to such things.

Don't let any petty thing get you down.

The ones whom you love and care for will understand, if you mistakenly ignore them.  They are smart enough to realize that you might be caught up in work.


Because that is what the true meaning of Friends and Family is! That is indeed, the reason why these Sites were first constructed.

This change in Attitude may not make your Social Networking experience better.
But it's a great start!

Just remember a "Problem Avoided is one Gain Added", so in the end we alone can both use the advantages that comes with them and also deal with any effects it might have.

The task at hand might be tough to deal with but this situation needs to be dealt with smartly. Because at the end of the day, these Social Networking sites are a useful and if we can deal with the Negatives then we sure can make use of this tool.

Think Practical, Act Smart and Have The Right Attitude!

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