Friday, December 24, 2010

Reflections in Time : Daydreaming : Our Creativity at Work

There are those special moments, when each of us feels the need to stop, daydream and think about "what if "and "if only".  How often these happen depends upon the circumstances we find ourselves at those moments in time. There is a certain logic which is unmistakable , immutable and absolute in why this is necessary. What is the Reason?

The Reason is Creativity! That is the real difference between humans and every other lifeform on this planet. It was Rene Descartes who summed it up in that now famous phrase, "Cogito ,Ergo Sum " which translated into English then becomes "I Think, Therefore I am.".

In the ever increasing desire to fill our time, with as much as possible, such a practice as Daydreaming as been frowned upon. It has been often labelled as wasteful, useless and counter-productive. I reject such notions as simply the rantings of the uninformed and ill advised.

 Some, if not all of the best ideas, have started out as an inspiration, which comes to someone in an unguarded moment we call daydreams. There have been studies conducted by scientists, which have stated that many of our daydreams are a source of  personal unhappiness, depression, mental illness and lead may even lead to incidences of suicide.

My answer to that, is anything, if taking in a predisposed, predetermined and subjective test criteria, can be made to suit ones purposes. Based on such bias studies here are a few examples to think about. Many  people should not think because it is known to be the #1 cause of " insert malady here"!  Those people living in polluted cities should stop breathing, because air is the #1 cause of death from  "Airborne Pollutants." Over Simplifications?  Of Course they are!

 We have to exercise common sense! What is the purpose of the study? Who would benefit from those results? Who funded the study? What was the researcher's criteria used to, create the questions, pick the test subjects and determine the specific results released?  Who has the most to gain from it?

When the truth is told, these studies don't always give us the whole picture. The results given, usual favor the side the researcher was trying to prove, rather than give a true reading of the data gathered.     

When asked to read and comment on a friend's blog I came up with this quote which sums up my feelings on this subject! It is my opinion and  It is how I feel based on my life experiences. So here it is for all it's worth. This is the way that I feel about dreams and daydreams. 

My Comment found on  Chinmay's Traces

The subject of Dreams is as different as is the person’s individuality who reads and muses on your work, my friend. 

Dreams I believe may be the testing ground for all Ideas. It may be the place that unexpressed desires find fertile soil in which to grow. It may be the expression of a feeling to try without dangers of being rejected or accepted prematurely!
Dreams are all our hopes, wishes, fears, doubts, aspirations, highs and lows. Most of all dreams are the birth place of our Creativity. It is the dwelling place of our personal relationship with creation and our Creator.
It is here that we express our closeness to a Force so perfect and complete that we know exists intuitively, but can only imagine within our limited scope, how truly great and magnificent It really is.
Dreams don’t change with age, rather they deepen and flesh out as we mature. As for daydreaming, I highly recommend it. Daydreams are an escape which every individual needs to regenerate and recuperate. 

We need it to save us from the bombardment of our myriad of thoughts ! Simply stated, that my friend, is the Imagination’s timeout! ;D
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