About Me

Welcome to my site! I am Mike and my friends also call me "the Professor". I suppose that is the reason that the "AKA" became a  part of my persona. While I am "NOT" an "Accredited Academician" rather what I am is a self taught, well versed, "omnivore" of knowledge.   Many have already had their chance to make my acquaintance on "The Bleacher Report". Besides my many comments on a number of B/R member's articles, I have written a few insightful articles on there. In them, I have expressed my opinions concerning that subject and it's impact on the performers, wrestlers and the fans from a rather different, somewhat older and singular perspective. I have always held the belief that all writing should be judged on it's quality of content, not the quantity of the words used nor the duplicity of I.W.C. views expressed. For that reason I chose to seek out another site which held "Quality" in higher regard. There are many fine blogs out there and each seeks to show it's views with varying degrees of success. None however had the right feel for me. I sought something different !! This is the result of that Search.