Monday, April 20, 2015

Creating Fictional Characters - How I Do It

All the various writing styles I've ever attempted, regardless of the topic or genre chosen, begin the same way. Each appeals to my creative urges, fuelled on by my need to reply, answer, compliment and or complete an idea, which for me was to that point, unfinished. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

How to Create Believable Characters:

 There is an artistry to making any piece of fictional writing worth reading. How successful, depends on the believability of the characters that the readers can readily recognize. Early character recognition allows the writer's audience to find, identify and choose which of the various player parts most appeals to them. The more detailed the principle personalities are presented for ones readers, the quicker their roles can be ascertained as to the impact each has in the storyline.

 Descriptive writing is to print what detailed graphic art, colour and definition is to the animated film. The subtlety of a well placed adjective can be the difference between a sentence and key piece of plot development. Such constructive detailing adds greatly to the avid readers interest, appreciation and participation. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

TPWS: Redefining TPWS From This Day Forward

My Friends,

A lot has occurred since I or any of my colleagues have posted on this blog. The original intent of "The Professor's Write Site", has somehow gotten side tracked with the passage of time. Having now reached a crossroads, some serious reflection seemed quite àpropos for yours truly and writers on this blog site.

With age, experience and observation, comes Maturity.

But which type of maturity do you, our visitors, prefer?

  Now after a few personal setbacks, some deep introspection and the passage of time, I  feel that this site needs to focus for those who are still in need of help. So what is it that all of you wish to find, here and now?

I believe that the majority of you are still looking to become better writers. I believe that by having someone who has written guide you will develop confidence in your own abilities.

 Maturity is something to be appreciated when it is approached from an age of retrospection. Having had the time to revisit the types of material posted here and the expectations of any serious visitor to this site, I  immediately saw some issues, which needed attending to. Henceforth my many stories, poetry and fiction will be relegated to sites better suited to readers, not perspective writers in waiting.

 This site will be reverting back to its original format.

Those who came here initially, did so to improve their skills without fear of rebuke. Those early seekers of wordsmithery followed me here in hope that my friends,colleagues and I would read their requests for some personal assistance. Like Yoda we would endeavour to impart from our collective wisdom the guidance necessary to help them improve their skill sets.

Grand Reopening - TPWS is Back

TPWS: It's Opened And I Am Back:

The very last posting on this site was to shut this site down for a much needed sabbatical. I was  then facing a very real site identity crisis  which needed to be addressed immediately due to computer malfunctioning events. The infamous "Blue Screen of Death" was the final touch that required my immediate attention. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Recreating Chapter One :

Attempting  a Rewrite of One's Own Original Piece
By Mike Aka Professor M

Having to write an original opening chapter is hard enough for most writers! Having to attempt to capture the essence of the storyline after the successive chapters have been read is a nightmare. The following rewrite of my "Hunter or Hunted" series from scratch introduced me to an unusual and demanding bit of writing which gave me an insight into the mindset of the writers who must adapt a book into a screenplay! Normally this would be reworking an opening  scene based on the book. But what happens when you don't have the first chapter?