Thursday, November 19, 2015

Latest Blogsite Information & Status

       Over the passed two months much has happen with regards to the updating of this blog. In the past I would simply have written a poem, short story and or redirected my loyal readers to any one of my other exclusive venue sites. Those sites, like Hubpages and the now extinct Squidoo, which had displayed many other already published writings. These sites gained me more friends, fans and followers.

      I will, from this day forward, use this blogsite exclusively for aiding those  writers, who come here in need of assistance.  It will hereafter, be used to enlighten, inform and redirect to other sites that were likewise created to promote English writing. Be it English grammatical structure, literary styles and or creating content based on classic literary formats, poetic venues or any of the written material attributed to "Writing"!

     For those of you who are here to read any of the pieces similar to those that I have published before,  I will give you directions to a few new sites that I am creating for those venues. My poetic verses will be found on a site dedicated to poetry. My short stories will grace the pages of another of my other sites which
exist for that purpose.

   I will be exhibiting previews of my novels and e-books  on sites which will allow me to do so, in the near future.   Be sure to check back here as I will use TPWS to announce all these news items periodically, my dear friends, fans and followers. If you wish to contact me please use either the comment section below or the contact me in the body of this Blog.

Thanks again and be creative always!     
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