Sunday, August 2, 2015

My Expression of Gratitude to All Our Followers

    This past July several notable milestones were reached. This month saw the largest increase of visitors ever in  TPWS now five year history. Yes, friends on August the first  The Professor's Write Site was publishing and a real online presence. The highs and lows over those years were weathered by this blog / website.This was due mainly to the support of all of it's wonderful faithful fans.

  Over a quarter of a million visits was registered in the late evening of Thursday July the ninth.  Just imagine that this site which had been created but as yet unpublished the end of April 2010. Much work had to be completed before it  was finally open to internet visitors community three months later.

The latest figures now show that July 2015 had 49,003 visits which eclipses the previous record month and year best of 18,905 in June 2012. Not only was the record more than doubled, it was over 12,193 better than twice the old record.
Now that is what I call a milestone to celebrate friends, thanks to all of you. 

The Professor's Write Site was my answer to all those other sites which seemed too oppressive in their approach to welcoming new writers.  In approximately seven weeks give or take three days TPWS will be celebrate it's fifth year online.
In these years there have been many people whose generous contributions need to be remembered.

My friends and colleagues, applauded my decision to create this site. Those who choose to embrace my "teach by example" approach from "The Bleacher Report" expressed their support by offering to write content. Some submitted pieces that were a little rough around the edges but showed talent. These potential gems just needed a little polishing which was provided before I published them.

Not everyone needed the editing that I offered to all of my contributors. Some of the finest observations on various English  language hangups, literary and some  great cures for them, were provided by Angel aka the Philosopher  and JVCXV. Along with my own articles, these were some exceptional writers who offered  to me, their time and literary expertise. Knowing their skill I accepted with thanks.

The most notable is perhaps the only lady who graced it's pages with her wit and wisdom. The one and only "Angel Aka the Philosopher". Her many pieces on tips and techniques had garnered much praise from the many would be future writers, she has helped. Her insights were "spot on" regarding those topics she wrote about.  Angel was a hit with her peers here and on all the sites her presence had been felt.

The numerous and distinguished luminaries who wrote on the Bleacher Report
were responsible for my return to writing. From these I was fortunate enough to have the following write here. Great writers  such as JVCXV, IAM D Real Deal Yo, Chinmay, Jacob Waring and Mr. Ashley Morris.  Each one of these wonderful people took time to express their thoughts on various aspects of writing for our faithful readers to enjoy. I befriended these fine correspondents on The Bleacher Report.

Now each writer has left their marks upon the tapestry which is the various blogs of the world wide web.  I thank them for their friendship and for their unique works which are still here, being appreciated by our visitors daily.  I,  unfortunately, haven't been able to follow all their internet articles  but am certain they will be easily found.

Chinmay, IAM D Real Deal Yo, Jacob Waring and Mr Ashley Morris can  be found and followed on "Twitter".  Chinmay writes his on blog on Wordpress under the title "Traces". Jacob Waring likewise reviews Horror Movies on his blog entitled "Horror Movie Reviews". Both are found on the right side of this "My Blog List" for our readers to follow should they so choose to do so!

Yes this is a wondrous time for this type of writing site to expand and grow for the benefit of its readers. Now this new direction will require all our combined efforts, cooperation and determination to succeed. Bringing the love of writing by sharing its secrets with those seeking to improve their skills is our mandate!
I'm up for the challenge and I know you, our faithful followers, are as well!

So lets begin as we start the next 5 years together, all for one and one for all!
By Aka Professor M!

Copyright August 2nd ,2015
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