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Those Writers who would be interested in having Their Work showcased on this site must first be accepted as members of this site's team "PROWL"

Professor's Recognized Original Writers League

Iam D Real Deal yo           Angel aka The Philosopher               Chinmay Bhandari
Jamal Kiri Parker II                              J V C X V                                  Mr. Ashley Morris
Brandon Hamblen

P'ROWLers will be accepted upon completion of the application form and their acceptance of the site's rules and regulations for PROWL membership!
Only those who are deemed qualified by Mike AKA the Professor will then become officially known as PROWL'ers! Those wishing to be considered must first read and accept the PROWL Members Terms & Conditions at the bottom of the home page!

Any PROWL'er who is found breaking these rules will be barred from all functions including writing on this site ,PERIOD!!!

If you are still interested Please use the Contact Me section to CONTACT ME! ;D

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