Sunday, November 28, 2010

Music - The Language Of Every Heart

By Chinmay Bhandari

It has been ages since humanity has evolved into what it is today. From the attraction of wheel to exploring skies above, the journey has been secular and mufti-faceted.

One thing however, remained constant along with the indigenous curiosity, which is a wish to express oneself. We, humans have searched for thousands of ways to express ourselves.

Every form of art, every type of sport has been conceived for that same reason. One form however rose above all others and remained the integral part of life, that form is Music.

Music evolved with the humankind. Since the days of crude beats on wood to modern sophisticated symphonies, music continued and continues to enamor us. It has been the constant form of celebration and expression.

There is something truly special about this art. Every culture, every society painted music in its own colors. Just like dance and painting, music has dawned ethnic influences with simplicity and elegance.

Along with the progress of time, we started to add our words to express everything more vividly. Ballads then became the way of life and torchbearers of civilizations. However, music never needed words to convey anything. Words quite akin to spices were only some add-ons. Words just made it easier to embody an emotion.

Music never really required any language, because it is itself, the language of human heart. It speaks for that perennial mind, which could not speak but which feels everything, which had no language to speak but had tons of things to say.

I have always wondered what it was that made music so special.What is so special about music that it has carried along ethos of humanity with it? As I kept thinking, just one answer seemed plausible to me.

Music has the uncanny capability of translating and interpreting the subliminal emotions of the human heart. Be it the raw passion of rock music. Be it the exuberance of pop, be it the polished expression of classical music or be it the subtlety of a solo piano, it brings out the deepest realms of our mind.

Music can communicate all phases that a person just cannot put into words. How do we otherwise communicate serenity, melancholy or poise, you just tell me that.

A simple note of a piano, a voice of an organ, a single beat of a drum or a string plucked on the violin, they have the capacity to heal and the force to make us submit. It can sink us in depression and bring us out of it in no time. It can ignite a hope in darkest of times. It can inspire us and it can addict us too. Such is the prowess of music.

It is no wonder as to why every civilization has had decorated persons who were maestros of music. It is no wonder, many of the heroes resorted to powers of music once in a while. It has always happened and it will continue to happen. After all music is the only language, which one heart speaks and millions understand.

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