Saturday, April 18, 2015

Grand Reopening - TPWS is Back

TPWS: It's Opened And I Am Back:

The very last posting on this site was to shut this site down for a much needed sabbatical. I was  then facing a very real site identity crisis  which needed to be addressed immediately due to computer malfunctioning events. The infamous "Blue Screen of Death" was the final touch that required my immediate attention. 

Assessing the extent of the hard drive damage resulted in the loss of critical data. The truth of such a disastrous situation was causing my dilemma. Regrouping my compromised resources dictated my actions regarding my online presence for the then foreseeable future.  These actions which crippled ninety plus percent my total literary output.

After many and frantic attempts to salvage as much of my data banks as possible I choose to shut down this blog until further notice. Using various reclamation software recovery programs I slowly recreated several thumb drives filled with all the bits and pieces of my articles, poetic copulations, published stories and a few nearly finished future novels.

The decision to rebuild, revamp and recover whatever was salvageable from my damaged hard drive was my focus so with heavy heart I temporarily placed "The Professor's Write Site" Under Construction until further notice. That was just over fifteen months ago on  January the 14th, 2014.

Well the months of hard work and improvising here, rewriting there are finally finished. To this site's fateful followers the long wait is over. The Grand Reopening is finally here and I Thank You ALL!  Yours in Letters 

Aka Professor M (Mike)

April 18th, 2015

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