Monday, July 15, 2013

Recreating Chapter One :

Attempting  a Rewrite of One's Own Original Piece
By Mike Aka Professor M

Having to write an original opening chapter is hard enough for most writers! Having to attempt to capture the essence of the storyline after the successive chapters have been read is a nightmare. The following rewrite of my "Hunter or Hunted" series from scratch introduced me to an unusual and demanding bit of writing which gave me an insight into the mindset of the writers who must adapt a book into a screenplay! Normally this would be reworking an opening  scene based on the book. But what happens when you don't have the first chapter?

The conundrum was one which those who have followed this blog have already read about in previous entries. For those who are unfamiliar these can be found under the titles "Renascence Part 1" and "Renascence Part 2". Suffice it to say that a computer hard drive crash had obliterated a great deal of my literary efforts. This particular piece had its origin on "Hubpages" before I stopped writing for that site. So here was the problem.

I had to recreate the beginning of a series which already appears on this blog. This was not my attempting a prequel although it could be approached as having the same parameters. Yet this would require me to review all the chapters in order to rewrite from memory and a few sketches the opening moments of a series which was already known to most of my audience. Could I hope to recapture the moment of my original inspiration for this story?

Well after several attempts, revisions and rewrites here is the final result. To all my valued readers, fans and friends I reintroduce the opening chapter of "Hunter or Hunted Part1 Which One is the More Dangerous?" It can be found in the following post after this one. If any of you would be so kind as to leave me a comment on it I would greatly appreciate all reviews and or critiques on this rewrite. Please be advised that I will be responding to those which I deem worthy of individual consideration. 

Thanking you in advance
Regards Mike
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