Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Checkout The Writers Resources and Links Page

For all those new visitors, as well as our many faithful followers, I've just finished adding the latest touches on one of the most valuable pages on this site. Lately I have been asked about this sites "Freebies" for those struggling writers who feel the need  for any  programs that can aid them in their writing efforts.

Here is the latest installment for everyone who have visited "The Professor's Write Site". "The Writers Resources and Links" is my way of providing "Freebies" which I've assessed, used and or been informed about. The majority of the programs are Freeware! The majority of the links are online sites, that I have used and heartily endorse to anyone who cares to visit them.

 Based on the input that I've received on my "Contact Me" page, This page had become almost invisible . This article, as such, is designed to get  that  section the attention that it richly deserves.  So go ahead and check it out, friends. Now that it has just been updated it should reward you with some more valuable aids! 
Thank you, one and all for visiting, commenting and reading! 

Regards Mike Aka Professor M

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