Saturday, April 18, 2015

TPWS: Redefining TPWS From This Day Forward

My Friends,

A lot has occurred since I or any of my colleagues have posted on this blog. The original intent of "The Professor's Write Site", has somehow gotten side tracked with the passage of time. Having now reached a crossroads, some serious reflection seemed quite àpropos for yours truly and writers on this blog site.

With age, experience and observation, comes Maturity.

But which type of maturity do you, our visitors, prefer?

  Now after a few personal setbacks, some deep introspection and the passage of time, I  feel that this site needs to focus for those who are still in need of help. So what is it that all of you wish to find, here and now?

I believe that the majority of you are still looking to become better writers. I believe that by having someone who has written guide you will develop confidence in your own abilities.

 Maturity is something to be appreciated when it is approached from an age of retrospection. Having had the time to revisit the types of material posted here and the expectations of any serious visitor to this site, I  immediately saw some issues, which needed attending to. Henceforth my many stories, poetry and fiction will be relegated to sites better suited to readers, not perspective writers in waiting.

 This site will be reverting back to its original format.

Those who came here initially, did so to improve their skills without fear of rebuke. Those early seekers of wordsmithery followed me here in hope that my friends,colleagues and I would read their requests for some personal assistance. Like Yoda we would endeavour to impart from our collective wisdom the guidance necessary to help them improve their skill sets.

Many excellent writers have progressed well and have thanked us.

Aside from a few random samples, those of my friends and myself will be only for demonstrating various styles, form and function, where writing is concerned. I intend to designate other sites for my own pieces which I will introduce at a later date.The emphasis on authors works, book reviews, grammatical points of interest and writing techniques will be returning very soon. I hope this will please those for whom this site was intended.

Teaching by example has always worked well for me in the past. Doing, showed others that I know what I write about. Over the past few months, however my own works have seemingly overshadowed the direction and purpose of TPWS. Too little of those tips, software, freeware and grammatical direction pieces of late, were being highlighted.

This has taken a toll on this sites traffic, as well it should.

So help me get this site Back on Track, Friends

It seemed to me that it is prudent to remove those, as yet unfinished pieces and showcase them elsewhere. My areas of preference such as Poetry, Gothic Horror, Mystery, and Science Fiction definitely need their own venues.Their fans, those who wish to see them, will be directed to my other sites, as they become available. So my old and new friends followers and fans the Professor will be presenting both lessons and personal pieces on sites for those who wish to partake .

For now I will close this piece with a wish for all who read these words. May TPWS remain your first choice to visit, for writing encouragement. May whatever your choices be, you may frequent whichever of those sites suits your individual preferences, for reading and writing formats best.

Thanks as always  for your most welcomed visit and please note that your queries and comments are always welcomed here.

Regards  Aka Professor M  :)
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