Thursday, February 10, 2011

One Way To Determine Ones Writing Skills:

Could You Pass A Writing Skills Test?
Of course! 
Most People when asked would respond with. " Why, you just need to be a **** ******* *** **** **** *******!"
 Isn't that Right? 
Actually No!
Not Necessarily!

Spelling and Grammar are needed to be sure, but what about other items like ******** *********, ***********, ************ *** **** ***** *********?
 Not sure?  

Yes I know!
There are stars instead of the words! 
That Got your attention, now didn't it?  
I left those stars as blanks, there purposefully! 
That is so you'll want to read on to find out if you guessed right!

Then read on friend, for here is my way, to determine where your writing skills rate.

This seems like a very easy question, for most of us to answer, at least on the surface. After all what is a writing skills test anyway? Seems like a simple enough question, but is it really? The many various text books and testing facilities sometimes have different opinions, on what actually constitutes the criteria, for skills as it applies to Writing.

Most agree Writing Skills are usually governed by the following areas or domains found here:

 Punctuation - the use and placement of commas,quotation and exclamation marks, colons, semicolons, apostrophes and periods. 

Spelling - the correct or accepted formation of words with proper letter positioning,

Capitalization - starts a word with a capital letter. Used for proper names of all persons, places, things and especially at the begin of all sentences. 

Usage - the way to determine the parts of speech, the subject, predicate and object. It uses all the words, descriptives and how they interrelate in the sentence.
Verb formation/agreement - the form of a verb (present,past or future) which relates to the action involved in that timeline. A verb is a word which is in the state of being or acting with the subject in a dependent clause or sentence.
Relationships of clauses -  the interaction of a group of words with a subject and/ or words telling something about its subject but which makes part of a compound or complex sentence. 
Shifts in construction - viability of sentence structure, as it relates to the meaning of and within the thought or idea expressed, in the paragraph.

Organization - the methodology of the draft or plan proposed, to establish the main reason, outline and plot for the writing genre chosen.  

So there you have it Good Reader. Here is my method by which anyone can be checked to see if they are up to par on their Writing Skills!  ;D 

By the way for those who did read all the way, here are the words that the stars replaced. 

 " Why, you just need to be a (**** ******* *** **** **** *******!") good speller and have good Grammar!

Spelling and Grammar are needed to be sure, but what about other items like (******** *********, ***********, ************ *** **** ***** *********?") Sentence Structure, Organization and Good Topic Knowledge? 

 Did you get it right? If you did then Good For You! ;D 

These are the domains which I have used here. It highlights a style with which most
 Writing Skills testing forums are in general acceptance. If there any discrepancy,
 it would be appreciated by myself and this site that you present them here. Please
use either the comment section or through the contact me section of this blog!    
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