Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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Over the past few years I had the privilege of communicating with many people. Many of whom hail from various parts of the world. Through these exchanges, I have found that the majority are very interested in being understood by communicating in as clear and coherent a manner as possible. The distinction in comments are often easily understood, when the age differences, are known.

The younger, more tech savvy individuals, tend to utilize their text chat speak idiom, to convey their messages with varying degrees of success. Language barriers, generational clashes and cultural issues aside, most do a decent job of  imparting their meanings, without too much difficulty. Much have I now learned from taking part in such interactions and hopefully, they likewise, have gained from these experiences, with me, as well.

The older ones, show their more mature vocabulary skills with extensive uses of the multi lettered and polysyllabic verbiage to support their points and drive home the topics emphasis decisively! What all this then means is that the greater the vocabulary skills the more respect and presence is accorded the one displaying such skills.

Though those individuals may only be using a thesaurus and be busily looking up the longest, most impressive word they can find, it gets them noticed. The need for social acceptance is extremely high and can be that one difference, which defines them. The need, for a source of learning, to get that verbose dominance, is for many both demanding and challenging.

Many, of those people, have approached me, in hopes that I can help them, through mentoring and perhaps aid them in obtaining a vocabulary, which I have amassed, during my lifetime. The skills and techniques are ones, which I've utilized from many sources, over the years. Whether it be through reading the classics, for my quiet non-electronic moments or checking textbooks on English literature, Grammar and the like.

These can be found at "AbeBooks" or "Bookbytes", which can be an easily accessible resource, for those who want results fast. Where English may be a second language, places like "Hooked on Phonics" and "Mindware have resources, which may help speed the learning process, for the little ones as well as, the not so little ones.

If you wish to hear and or read, then I suggest trying A&E, The History Channel, Lifetime and Biography Online Stores. They have some pretty amazing educational and informative books and DVDs for those who want to expand their areas of knowledge. Many, of these resources, are to be found here, on this site because I feel they are a great source, of honing ones abilities and fine tuning ones skills.  

If it looks like I'm promoting these advertisers, then you are right, I am!  I'm promoting them because, if their ads are on this site, then I feel good about their products. All areas of learning helps us, to be more aware, of ourselves. The better we are well versed in our field of endeavors, the better people we can be. Education gives us the tools, we call Knowledge and using them gives us something highly valued, called Wisdom!
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