Monday, January 17, 2011

Spelling: Is It The Necessary Evil?

In these days of abbreviations, acronyms, texting, short forms, short hand, symbols, and emoticons is the need for spelling really all that important? In everyday e-mailing, social networking, text messaging, on the likes of  Face book, Myspace and tweeting on Twitter, spelling seems irrelevant. So why bother with spelling right?

The ability to spell is quite relevant, be it for the study of all languages, beginning here, with the English language, History, Geography, Mathematics, all the Sciences and those of the Arts. The real area of its true relevance however, is in the area of Jurisprudence, that is, the Law. All Law whether it be corporate or commercial, civil or criminal its definition and determination are subject to the letter and how it is indeed spelled out.

Think not ? Just stop for a moment and see if this doesn't seem all too familiar. Almost every day we encounter the ways that spelling is brought to our attention. Too often we see those terms , legal notices, conditions of sale all the fine print on contracts, prescriptions, the whys and wherefores legal mumbo jumbo, blah blah blah! Whereas the party of the first part or the plaintiff over here and the defendant right there. 

 This and the extensive areas found in those Various Specialities of All Medical Practice. The interrelated professions, such as Pharmacology, which are areas where spelling and precise meanings or definitions are both serious and even life changing. Slight variations in spellings of pharmaceuticals of similar combinations,
could have far-reaching ramifications, if the wrong compositions were dispensed due to a spelling mistake.

Ah yes, then there is the legal ease, found in every terms and conditions, be in on the internet, seen on blogs, websites, all software legal usage contracts and any formalized contract drafted. If you have ever bought any electronic device, cell or smartphone, Ipod, Ipad or computer, be it PC, laptop, netbook or gaming console, it is there in the packaging. It's all over the instruction manuals, the sales slips and the warranty cards.

 The use of the wrong word or its spelling could and does alter the meaning and substance of the contract, the applicable law and or its very interpretation and therefore its stipulation. What of the correct spelling of the name of a procedure, the drugs and medications to be administered? A clerical error and the dramatic results, should the interpretation be due, to a misspelled or wrongly substituted similar sounding one be selected, could be traumatic or even worse tragic

  With such a tremendous need to be precise, it then is so very necessary, to have the correct spelling and the viable meaning to be understood, by the ones it applies too. As with the need to learn to read and the ability to print and write, the need to spell is dependent on the purpose, that you have for it. Like the question posed by  Angel aka the Philosopher in her article Is The Art of Handwriting Becoming Extinct? The same can be asked of the need for the ability to spell. Is the skill of Spelling becoming Extinct?       
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