Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Colourful Life

by Chinmay Bhandari

Just Imagine for a moment! What if there were no other colours and the world had only been created in black and white? The sky would have not been blue, trees would have not been green and roses would have never been red. What kind of life would it be? Interesting thought, isn’t it?

There are three things in my opinion, which have set the human heart apart from rest of the living beings; Music, words and colours - the three gifts of human life. They are the holy trinity of our expressions. Music is the pronunciation of our emotions. Word is a description and colours are visuals of the emotion. All three of these have their own flair.

For me, each colour has a meaning. Every colour has a vibe. Green is a lushness of life. If red is the colour of love, then pink is its adolescence. White for all to see, is chastity and black the concealer, is chaos. Gray is perhaps a go between so is a dilemma. Orange is intense, hence exuberance and purple royal, is the understated bliss. Blue as calming, is a tranquil ocean and Yellow is loud with its noisy light.

This analogy will be endless and always subjective. One thing however, remains universal and that is the real significance of colours in all our lives. Colours can be either often subtle or even radical. They may be full of intensity and they could just as easily be found lacking it.

So colours and our moods are heavily related. It is no secret that a colour that dominates our ambience usually determines our psyche at that particular moment. Dark colours usually drag us down, where as light
colours energize us. We can get angry more easily or remain unusually serene simply because of wearing a particular colour.

In broader terms, the use of any colour defines the canvas. The right tinge of colours does wonders to a painting. A subtle hint of red on the cheeks gives that air of romance a whole new meaning. This phenomenon however, is not only limited to these trifle matters. Even the citizens of the heavens are not exempted from the powers of these colours. Without its hues the evening stars seems bland and the sun has to bid adieu without any resplendant farewell.

If this is the case for these , then think how we some mere mortals are, with desperate attempts at imagination. Just like we need a lot of things to feel truly alive, we absolutely need colours to fill our lives. I will present to you yet another analogy to prove this point.

To live a nice life, there should be few mistakes, for there to be their redemptions. There have to be some changes and there ought to be a few constants. Some People are needed to be there and periods of solitude are required as well. Without these elements, we would simply exist and that life would be monotonous or shall we say in other words BLACK & WHITE? Yeah, that is the moral of the story.

I have held a firm belief for a long time that, no life is merry without various shades. With some hues however, it is indeed a wonderful life and a colourful life.

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