Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Seriously, You A Writer? Yes!

The term “Writer” has been used to encompass a variety of stylists who communicate in words The myriad of ways, methods and venues, are simply staggering, when one ponders them. Whether you are an author, blogger, columnist, essayist or journalist, the term writer is applied. Perhaps you are a poet, article or copy writer, news letter contributor, opinionist, satirist or even term paper scribbler. In fact if one writes anything at all, then you are considered a “Writer!”

The fact that being a writer no longer requires the actual use of a pen or pencil makes no difference. In fact paper usage, isn't a requirement either. In these days of electronic communications, a program which allows dictation or a virtual keyboard can even make that input device redundant. Personally, I like my keyboard but then I am somewhat a traditionalist in that area only! Indeed I still use a pen and paper to jot done my thoughts for a later date. I have even used a pencil in my rough drafting to make corrections after rereading my copy.

But what is our term “Writer” in the World Wide Web? The venues on the internet have untold numbers of blogs, e-books, e-zines, and all types of websites. The blogger, that group of which I belong, is just one, among those latest claimants to this title. Like all those others, the fruits of their labors are amply displayed. The variety is as great as is the scope of topics written about. Advertisements, Businesses, Diversity, Enlightenment, Entertainment, Information and Notoriety are all available to savvy web surfers looking to find their sites.

So what does that mean? It simply means that the scope is wide open for all participants. My personal opinion is that a writer is one who utilizes words in a very unique, descriptive, illuminating and or entertaining manner. “Writing is a multifaceted art form in its presentation to an audience of Ones creative thoughts. Done well, it is perceived and appreciated by ones readers on the screens of their own Imaginations!”

I enjoy writing as a way to share the scope of my fertile imagination and its diversity in so many alternate realities. I have benefited from a love of words and the diverse range of tastes in my reading materials. Some who know me have referred to my wide scope of interests as being “omnivorous” where knowledge is concerned. Whether historical or geographic, scientific or mythological, the mere suspicion of something unknown, triggers my investigative tendencies.

Fact or Fantasy? I'm on it! Many's the time that I've been accused of having, what some would call useless knowledge! Guilty as charged, in their view perhaps, but I strongly disagree! Knowledge is never useless! Perhaps to those who see no relevance, it is! But I am a writer and who knows when it may prove of value in a future story, tale or perhaps even a novel! Why? A twist in the plot! An answer to the riddle! Or maybe a key to that puzzle which reveals the salvation of Mankind? Useless?

Maybe, then again, perhaps not! Who knows for sure? Only ones audience, those readers and I have the final word on its real worth! A well-read audience is the writers greatest asset. Their patronage will dictate the success or failure of whatever style an author has chosen to use. If an audience responds well and returns often then that writer has tapped into the tastes his readers prefer. If not, then this writer needs to change the content, style and or format used to convey the message in a more favorable way!

The Difference between a scribbler and a writer is the degree of proficiency, found in their work. It is that commitment which each portrays in displaying their final presentations to the reader. All the greats have this talent and their readers know it. The rapture, imaginative creativity and adaptation displayed by those writers, have yet to be rivaled by the presentations found in most motion pictures. The stories transport these readers to times, places and lands found only in the imaginations of those fortunate enough to share their thoughts.

The fantastic creatures, worlds of wonder and exciting adventures that few have dreamt about, can be found within the pages of timeless tomes. Whether it be those tales of Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction or Mystery that entice you. Perhaps the horrors of such Gothic settings like Transylvania or mayhaps those Galaxies far far away are more your bill of fare! Whatever the case, there are writers who will provide readers with imaginative, inventive and intriguing tales to tantalize all palates.

Finally, my proof of skill will be the ability of this article to curry favor with you, my audience. I hope that you've found this first offering of interest, informative or at least mildly amusing. If you wish to find more about my views, stories, quotes and the like, by all means then please click on this link http://theprofessorswritesite.blogspot.com/

It is my blog where I invite you to visit and join my friends who promote Writing. We welcome all who have an interest in the Quality of the written word and its application in many forms. Should you wish to comment please feel free to express yourself in the spot provided. Thanks for taking some of your valuable time to read this. You have my appreciation, best wishes and my Good Bye for Now!
by Mike Aka Professor M

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