Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Renascence Part 1

This is dedicated to all those loyal followers and friends
who have supported this site since it was created!
So now you"ll soon learn the rest of this story!
Thank You One and All!
Mike Aka the Professor

Part 1
Gone in a Flash.

Over six months ago, my personal and literal worst literary nightmare occurred. Just Imagine that you have just finished a reorganization of your total literary output. You are getting better and better at grammatical composition, story diagramming and  even getting the  hang of self  publishing. Everything is nearly perfect. All things being equal, you're now about ready to bust out in the literary scene, then the unthinkable happens.

The hard drive was to be the transitional home for my literary treasury. Now, that sizable transcription was almost concluded, as I  attempted to backup my personal ensemble on to a new portable external drive. The assembled download was progressing well. All the material collected from those flash drives, had been loaded into that drive, for safe keeping. My initial plan was to clean up those pen drives for future projects.

The diversity and complexity of the various styles of writing, that my sites exhibit, are formidable, true  but just the tip of the iceberg of  my full imaginative range.  This amassed quantity of  material that I'd just categorized for expedience, was a shade under thirty gigabytes, held on some eight flash drives.of various sizes. That brand new portable hard drive having been formatted was primed for my creative treasure trove. Then I had decided to consolidate my efforts.

I was tired of switching between those memory sticks and my net book hard drives trying to decipher my notes, research and drafts for my various projects. What was that ?? A brilliant flash, then the power was gone! There was a complete disruption of electricity and everything was in total darkness!!! The ominous flashing lights on my power bar told me that a lightning strike had caused a severe spike, which subsequently disrupted the electrical current!

No! I Don't believe it!  This can't be happening!! After what seemed like an eternity, the screen returned but not in the way I hoped it would. There staring me straight in the face, was the ominous, infamous and horror filled "Blue Screen of Death"! Where was all my work, my creative efforts over these past few months?  Years of research, all that data All Gone??? NOoooooo!! Disbelief, mixed with shock, had then set in as I scanned the message for the details found upon it!

No, No, NOOooo!!!! That was my voice echoing back to my ears, as the shock I was experiencing, at this unthinkable situation, gave way to Abject Denial! After pushing those keys, that had been indicated to return my computer, nothing happened!! Utter disbelief at this situation, was how my mind reacted to this moment! Despair was setting in as I began to realize that my computer's hard drive was  at best corrupted  at worst it was game over! My total literary output was on that computer hard drive and I couldn't get it to come back!!

Gone!! All my hard work, my articles, my stories, poetry and my drafts GONE! My plot lines, my character sketches, my manuscripts and unpublished novels lost without a trace! My entire works were erased in the blink of an eye or in this case with the power surge that the lightning had caused! It was now dawning on me that I had nothing left but my notes,  the existing pieces which were published on my blogs, I was frantic!

I called my son, my computer guru, who knew a lot more about computers than I. He took my computer and said he would try to retrieve the hard drive contents, if any still remained, but he wasn't sure if there would be anything there left on it to save. He'd performed miracles, for me before, however even he didn't seem very hopeful this time! He told me to prepare for the worst just in case!!

It was extremely difficult to imagine that it could be all gone! All the characters, the storyboards, the articles and the sheer volume of writing that I had done, just to see it evaporate right before my  eyes! Days passed, then weeks as I held out the gleam sliver of Hope, while the enormity of my loss loomed large before me! I was stunned at the realization of what this loss really meant!!

All the blogs that needed updating! Those promises to expand my internet presence through the various podcasts, YouTube presentations, Spreaker Internet Radio broadcasts, etcetera.... etcetera.... All needed to be reviewed and reevaluated  as to their viability after all this has happened. What was I to do? What could I
do? I could just quit! No! This was something that I had created to be a source of help to others. I can't quit! Nor will I Ever Quit! Quitting, for  me, just isn't an option!!! Why??? Because I Don't QUIT!!!

Is this the End??? Not by any stretch of anyone's Imagination!!! Part 2 will complete this story!  ;)

By Mike AKA the Professor
Copyright 04/10/2013
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