Monday, August 27, 2012

Late Breaking News on TPWS Restructuring Plans

Sorry Friends, Fans and Followers of this blogsite. I, Mike AKA the Professor, am now finally taking this opportunity, to address my intentions as to the direction, motives and future for TPWS.  The recent seeming lack of my attention to providing new content, as well as a clear direction, for this site, has led me to see a need for this last moratorium, until a clear course of action could be defined.

Originally The Professor's Write Site was established to help all writers, of various levels, strengths and abilities, learn about themselves as individuals. This they did while they explored the different styles of writing through seeing them done, guided on the way by experiencing my personal philosophy of teaching. That is a time tested, well accepted and proven tradition of leading by showing them how to do it right there, before their eyes, on the screen.

I was indeed fortunate to make the acquaintances of and later be assisted by, some very able, talented and indeed quite exemplary writers, friends and colleagues. I owe them all a debt of gratitude, especially those who took time out of their busy schedules, to add to this site's content, displaying quality, evidenced in those excellent pearls of their wisdom, insight and commitment to the English language each possessed. All expressed their views, in their choices and detailed the language displaying it's many idioms and varied idiosyncrasies.

People like Angel aka The Philosopher, Chinmay Bhandari, Iam D Real Deal, Mr Ashley Morris, JVCXV and Jacob Waring, have made this site a must see for those who want to write better. The content, styles and unique presentations by these find individuals have made their works come alive for our readers. Now the time for change is at hand so that their gifts will be better appreciated.

This site will return to the reason it was created. It will continue to present those bits of insightfulness on the subtle nuances of the printed word. The numerous tricks to gain the upper hand in dicipering the rules, grammar and principles that is the English language. Here all will find that certain something that many come here seeking to master their knowledge of writing as their craft of choice.

My stories such as the "PROWL the Series" are being moved to my other blog entitled "The In Ring Warriors Mindset". This was created for those who enjoy my personal and educated view of MMA, Pro Wrestling and Self Defense Awareness! My Science Fiction like "T'Alon Of C'Law" and Gothic Horror Mystery like "The Arch Angel Chronicles, Hunter Or Hunted and Exploring The Other Side" will be found on their new homes elsewhere.

All these genres will be highlighted on my other sites such as Netvibes, TypePad and Wattpad . My Poetry will be distributed by genre to my various venues as befits their proclivity and style. SoundCloud will be linked to the appropriate site where my friends and fan can, should they wish too, experience the Professor's Own Verbal renderings of many of my signature pieces.

Podcasting has been an area that has recently appealed to me. I was drawn to broadcasting first with shortwave and later with the General Radio Service. The first license was prefixed with the call letters X-Ray Mike then numbers. For those old enough to remember the hay day of CB ( Citizen Band/ GRS in Canada), I was quite the recognized channel master in my time on the Eleven Meter Band. 

Because of Sunspot interference, Skip, radio signals bouncing off the highly charged Van Allen Radiation Belt, created a distinct phenomena allowing low powered radio signals to be picked up, from points hundreds or even thousands of miles or kilometers away. My custom homemade antenna array and unique radio setup allowed me to reply to all signals both near and far, with equal clarity. 

My distinctive style, handle and call sign, allowed my growing followers to follow my broadcasts for many an interesting,  unusual and entertaining night of DXing.  After a while with a considerable following, in the late seventies up to and into the eighties, I found the computer, the internet and ceased to continue my radio transmissions'. 

My program “AKA the Professor - Also Known AS Mike” on Spreaker Internet Radio is Very Close to being ready for it's initial broadcast by yours truly. It will be as diverse as possible. The emphasis will be sponteneity driven with a variety of topics which will be hopefully well received once it becomes live!

So there you have it! The future directions of TPWS and indeed, the various ventures that I am planning. Starting today and for the next few months, please be sure to check back here. This site will provide for the latest in articles on Writing, updates on all our newest free tips, programs and links related to learning how to write better.

Thanks for coming by, following and responding to our content. We really appreciate you one and all. Regards Mike AKA the Professor! ;D

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