Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Coming Soon the Reprints from My Time on Hubpages

To All of you, my fateful followers and friends from Hubpages and to those who were directed to my Hubpage offerings here on TPWS,  great news. I will soon be reprinting those linked pieces here, on "The Professor's Write Site".Likewise I, with the kind permission of "Angel aka The Philosopher", with be including those pieces that she had cancelled from Hubpages, here as well either with a link to her site or here in it's entirety under her page on this site.

While I still have some great friends on Hubpages, the treatment of myself and other writers there had me rethink my association with that venue. The poor responses from the staff of that site, on issues which needed clarification, were for me, the final straw and thus I ceased presenting my works there. That being stated I wish all who still write there, nothing but the best wishes and hope that that site treats their literary efforts with more consideration and care than it did with mine.

The Series T'Alon of C'law and The Arch Angel Chronicles will soon be available from their Hubpages' beginnings. The Poetry pieces and philosophical poetic renderings with join my others here along with the links to my readings for those who prefer to listen to them. These will be all listed as soon as each is available.

Thank you, One and All, for your, kindness  patience and loyalty! If you wish to voice your opinions and concerns, be sure to comment below if you care to do so!

Regards Mike AKA the Professor! ;D
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