Friday, February 3, 2012

Latest Updated Writers Resources, Aids & Links New (February 3rd, 2012)

This Particular Addition, which is long overdue, has finally appeared here on "The Professor's Write Site".
Welcome to the TPWS  Gift that keeps on Giving from this site to all writers with potential and desire! Before we had only provided our followers with a series of aids, programs, websites and freeware that I and my friends have personally investigated, tested, and used myself. Now here is the next step in the natural order.

Please let me introduce all of  you my regulars and those of you new writers to the way to make your improving writing skills profitable. I am very happy to present the latest  and greatest addition for this
Blogger Blog! Please  be our guests, make yourselves by  becoming acquainted with our Brand New
under it's own profile in the Writers Resources and Links Section 
"The Professor's Write Site Writers Job Board"
Here we go again with the most recent Update of my list of various Resources for the Experienced , New, Curious and Want To Be Writers! As I had promised to our fans and followers about this part being updated and improved as we are made aware of all these references, resources and programs.  So here is another Writing Program that is highly recommended for Blog Writers and Publishers to help with posting articles.
PS: Now we have included some YouTube Videos that I know you many of you new and not so new writers will find of great interest. Here You will find some valuable advice from some very well known authors and writers who have the credentials in knowing what they are saying about the subjects of writing and writers.

 I hope that by providing these links to and resources for writing, you, the writer regardless of experience, will find these useful. The references, programs, links and directions found here are only those which can aid and assist those who want to write and improve on their skill levels.

Links to Reading and Source Materials 
Many fine books on the various forms of Writing  can be found in the Ad Section on each of our sites many pages. Are you looking for "How To Write"? Looking for some pointers from recognized Authors in the various genres? Maybe a few good teachers with a more affable manner in their approach, to the nuances of English, Its Grammar, Literature and linguistic forms? Maybe English is a second language that your trying to master? Try something from the "Hooked on Phonics" series. Need English Text books? Please read further.

   So what's your tastes in reading, friend?  Well if it's Poetic or Prose, Fact or Fantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction or Non Fiction! Look in Google Ebooks or ClickBank!.   Perhaps your tastes are in the areas of Comedy or Horror, maybe even  Mystery, Romance or History?  Either has ample sources by various authorities on the Subject of Writing! Thanks for your time and check back often as these will be updated often! ;D

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