Saturday, October 29, 2011

To the Mother Earth - (A Lyrical Look)

The Mother that gives Everything we Need

The more that I see of you,
The more smitten by you I am.
The more close I feel to you,
The more enchanted by you I am.

Even as I enjoy soaking in the golden sun
And though I cast my gaze at the blue sky,
As I walk upon the carpet of fallen leaves

And indulge my eyes with the colors of Autumn,
It is then that I feel so much closer to you,
And it is then that I realize how blessed I am.

So the more I feel close to you,
The more I realize what I am.
The more I know I belong to you,
The more I realize how human I am.

For from you I come, now to be free,
Nurtured by what you provide for All ,
I now recognize as Life given freely to me.
No Matter how Small We may seem Each of Us is Important

So thank you so much our mother Earth ,
You, Dear planet, on whom we call,
Here we children, sharing You are, by our birth.
So the more I am close to you,
The more I understand who I am.
The more I experience Life here on you,
The more I realize why I am the man that I am.

By Chinmay Bhandari
Copyright Octber 29th 2011
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