Thursday, September 1, 2011

One Year Ago Today!

Today is a very special day for "The Professor's Write Site". Exactly one year ago today, this blog came into existence. It was the result of much agonizing, as to whether such a site would ever have the desired effect that I and my colleagues  hoped for. It was born out of a need to create a place where those who wanted to write better and had a desire to  learn how to, could!

.Having travelled to so many writing sites and fan venues looking for that elusive "quality over quantity" axiom, I eventually discovered that if I wanted such a site to exist then I would have to create it. I had been on other sites where new writers struggled to publish their work. always in fear of being criticized, ostricized and brow beaten by those who would not give them a chance.

Some of the writers discovered that I would champion their cause and I developed a small following. It was then that I started mentoring some of these writers whose potential I could see just needed a little polishing. The amazing thing was that these writers appreciated my efforts and worked hard to improve, and improve they did.  Some have written here on this site and even have their own blogs now.

The one thing that I always tried to instill was "Confidence". All of the writers learned to be Self confident and work hard. My Favorite Quotes to them were as follows "Writing is a multifaceted Art form in it presention to One's Audience. Done well it is perceived and appreciated by  One's Readers on the screen of their own Imaginations" and the other is "Writing should be Fun!"

Well for one year , Angel aka the Philosopher , Chinmay Bhandari, Iam D Real Deal yo, Mr Ashley Morris, Jacob Waring ,JVCXV and myself have presented our offerings before you . You ,Our Wonderful Readers in reply have to date been responsible for over thirty two, thousand visits (32,000+) to our site. You  have come from Eighty Three Nations (83) around the globe and have graced us with twenty one (21)  followers. I am proud to say that year two is off to a rousing start . So Thank You, One and Al l  from the bottom of my heart!
You have my gratitude, my respect and Best wishes for a bright, healthy, happy and prosperous future, Because "Writing is for Everyone"  and "Writing Should Be FUN!"

Regards Mike Aka The Professor! ;D 
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