Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Writer Within :My Personal Introspective

To my many followers and fans, the purpose of this post is to help you find the Writer inside yourselves. The approach that I take to writing is from the position of a person who for years has enjoyed the works of a myriad of authors.  Because of the diversity of my reading tastes I am one who recognizes the storytellers talent in others.

I am writing with the intent of revealing to you the thought processes that I use to become creative. The place that all writing originates is in the imagination of the writer. The idea for every piece ever written is retrieved from the experiences which one feels as they delve into the realm of creativity. The intensity of the reaction is equal to the closer you are to the topic you've chosen.

Sports enthusiasts will bring their experiences to the words they use to describe the way that sport has made them feel. The home team will always get the better views and its heroes will seem more heroic from their perspective. A former player will describe the intricacies of players movements, the subtleties of strategy
and the finer points of outstanding performances.

The degree of personal involvement will always be felt by the reader, which is true no matter the subject being written about. The chef will pay particular attention to the details of the dinner preparation. The signature way a particular dish is arranged. The designer will express the shape, textures and colors which appeal to their unique view of the final design.

The technician will dwell more on the technical aspects and the workings of the programs and the devices they control. it is the same for the photographer, the artist and the scientist. Everyone will give that area in which their expertise is greatest, the most exposure! So it is no surprise that the detective will  be the best source to write the crime novel and the soldier will be the authority on the battle from an enlisted person insight.

So what about the other areas such as Horror, Science fiction and Comedy? While the experiences we all have will be of benefit to the end result, the fan of such genres may also bring a new and different twist to their favorite topic. The imagination can project what is known and ask " what if " to produce something familiar and yet different, as well. Think not then read on!

A fine example is the classic Gothic Horror / Science fiction  novel "Frankenstein" subtitled "The Modern Prometheus". That  was written by a gentle lady of nineteen years, one Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley,  the wife of Percy Bysshe Shelley. On a dare from Lord Bryon, that the four of them compete to write a ghost story, he Jane Clairmont, Mary Shelley, and Percy Shelly  set to composing their tales. Only Mary, who wrote that in 1816, penned so stirring a piece which has stood the test of time to this day. 

The Comedy is perhaps the best-loved for it brings merriment and allows much latitude in the process. I won't go into detail here except to say that parodies fall into this genre. The ability to make other laugh will always be wanted and needed by every one of all ages! Be it slapstick, pantomime, cartoon or deadpan the comedy has a way of freeing our senses and liberating those stresses of everyday cares.

The key to creativity for me, will always be to approach each topic from your own point of view. Explore how it makes you feel, what emotions it arouses and write down all the things you can when you imagine yourself being asked about it! The list will then need to be approached from the opposite side of the coin. If you were positive on it, now take that the negative side. Take these points and list them.

Now here is where I may differ from most other writers! I now look at it from the reader / my audiences perspective. Is there anything that the other two sides may have missed? Is there an "outside the box " way of seeing the topic. Now list that if you find anything not previously covered.  The list is complete and now you are ready to compose your piece. The pros, cons and the alternatives have now given you the contents. Use your imagination and the results will really surprise you!

Well there you have it for all it's worth! Writers Block meet your Nemesis!! This approach will yield a story for your audience, those readers who will wonder, question and perhaps even comment if so moved. Does it work? For me It does! With practice, determination and perseverance it will work for anyone. The only thing left is to try it.

Just remember this my dear readers and all fellow want-to-be writers in training! Don't give up!! If you don't like your first attempt, keep on trying until it reads like it should! Believe me after a while you'll get it right! With persistence you'll overcome the writers block resistance to become consistent! Writing like exercise needs to be done to be done well!


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