Monday, November 21, 2011

My Open Invitation To You, Our Wonderful Readers Revised and Updated Nov 21/2011

The Professor's Write Site

At the beginning of this Year I asked of you our readers and followers the following found below. This was done to get your input and give you a more active role in the working and creative direction you'd like to see this blog take over the 2011 year.

Sadly either you, our readers and followers were just too shy or polite to step up and communicate your wishes to the resident PROWL'ers or myself . We don't bite, People and this request is made so that YOU our valued Audience can interact with us. The Professor's Write Site was conceived as a way that the want to be writers could come and see how to write better. This isn't my site only, nor is it the site of the PROWL'ers  who have come and contributed their time and their articles, poetry and stories for you to see. 

No! This site is for You, the Writer who wonders if You can be a Great Writer Too. If you have what it takes to write so that others want to read what you write. If you are creative enough, smart enough,  good enough to write like a J.K Rowling or a Stephen King. Are you the heir apparent to Gene Roddenberry or Ray Bradbury in creating new frontiers? Maybe you just want to be yourself and there is nothing wrong with that either.  

Well I've thrown out some ideas, now I need your help. Will you just take a few moments and just think about what it is you would like to see, hear, read or take part in on this site? Why because if you have already invested your time to come here and visit this site you have shown that you are interested . It is that curiosity that I am appealing to right now. I know that you are curious, wondering if you should , if you dare . I can assure there are no silly questions and if you like I won't ask you to use your real name.

People, I want this to be our site and I need your help to make it that way. Will you help me help you? Now is you chance. Remember you have total anonymity, I don't bite and I reserve the right to decide what will appear on this site. Now the choice is yours as to how you will respond! The T.P.W.S door is unlocked.  My friends and I are waiting for your knock and I will respond either privately by D.M. e-mail if you wish or in this publicly viewed forum.

So now I leave you with the message which initiated this article, when it was published earlier. It still applies in all the areas mentioned and will remain in effect for as long the site lasts. Thank you for your time and for your patronage of this site, your site,The Professor's Write Site at
Since the inception of this site I, along with several writer friends of mine, have tried to help and really inspire those, who want to write, find their inner motivation. Writers, like Angel aka the Philosopher, have taken time to write very inspiring as well as insightful pieces, which touched on some philosophical and motivational reasons for becoming a writer. Her prolific efforts and skills have earned her a page on this site. That page is hers and deservedly so.

 Those pieces are instructional without being condescending. They show how it can be achieved without declaring to be the only way to to do it. Their purpose is to give the readers the insight into the diversities of the writing process and the mindset one should strive for to find the style that suits their personalities.

Then there are the examples of quality writing styles, like that of Iam D Real Deal yo and Jacob Waring whose styles are singularly unique and fresh with an attitude, full of the impetuousness of youth and the challenge of a whole lifetime to find, explore and create themselves. These writers are symbolic of the future. It is writers like these, who will be fun to watch as they develop into our authors of the future.

The more watchful and introspective observers are Mr. Ashley Morris and Chinmay Bhandari who have shared their views on the reasons for writing. It is through their offerings we see these writers views on life from a more mature and awareness perspective. These individuals exemplify a more worldly perspective.

The maturity they bring is developed from being more experienced as to the ways of and interaction with their peers. The words used express this awareness in their works and how working with others on a daily basis have shaped their views with regard to writing and life.

Then there are some who chose to present their preferences in already accepted established work like Brandon Hamblen  did with his choice of favorite poem "Ode to A Grecian Urn"by John Keats. Some just prefer to write on other venues and though well established there, are content to simply being followers here expressing their opinions on the pieces they choose to address.

I, of course , am this sites publisher and as such, oversee all the submissions and the nature of the sites content. In that role, I have the honor of working with these fine writers and providing the leadership, by having shown what I am capable of . I have, as witnessed here, written in various styles. Whether it be poetic, instructional, narrative, fictional, script, investigative, opinionated or philosophical. I've been published on several  sites and in almost every capacity to show why they call me "Mike AKA the Professor!"

So now I come to the reason for this piece being here. The site needs to be more user friendly and we need your input to determine the best way to achieve that. I would like those of you, who are regular visitors, to make yourselves known by getting involved. To step up and ask us your questions below in the comment section. To get you started here are a few questions to help you help us.

What is it, that would make you want to return here more frequently?
What type of questions about writing, do you have, that you would like us to address?   
Because this has an international audience, how does English language usage in your area, affect your appreciation of it?  
Book reviews are an area I was ready to add, would you like to see that here?
Are there any samples of writing styles  that you want to see us explain and show on TPWS?

By the way these are only suggestions, to get you started.

Remember "Writing Should Be FUN!"
You Know what We want!
Show us What YOU Want!!
Now you've got the idea, people!
So now go ahead, with those comments!.
Come on and let us hear from you, our readers!
Show your true colors and give us those inquiries!
Together lets make this the Best Writing Site on Blogspot!
With your Help we can and will be, Where You want To BE!!

Thank You, All Of You in Advance! From all of Us At TPWS !

I remain, Mike AKA the Professor  ;D      
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