Monday, September 19, 2011

The Art of Writing, My Personal Perspective

By Mike Aka The Professor

 When asked by any of my many fans, friends, followers and readers, this question, “How do you write a story that is worth reading?” My reply to such an important and loaded question invariably goes something like this.

Writing, from my perspective, is like painting a picture with the pages as your canvas, the words are your colors, the sentences are the outlines, and the story is the completed masterpiece. I am the artist and commit myself to my creation, I ownIt, It is my gift to my readers, for their consumption, approval and appreciation.I ask no quarter, nor do I expect any be given.

I welcome any and all honest constructive criticism. It helps me hone my craft andimproves my skills. I defend my creation for I take care in doing due diligence in my research and am extremely and justifiably proud of my results. I care not for sniping, nor personal disdain without substance or merit. Bullying finds me more than capable of weathering it's paltry attempts at bluster.

I am very well qualified, thoroughly trained, completely experienced and most of all, battle tested in such matters. Given all this surprisingly I am not yet jaded by those encounters and these many experiences which have made me who I am. So What Is That You may ask? What it has made me is an extremely well educated observer, significantly adept writer and lucid adroit engaging conversationalist.

Because of that, I have become someone whose opinion is much sought after in the day to day activities of those who consider me an authority on the areas of quality writing. I become somewhat outspoken when I find that some self professed “experts” decide to put down those who don't write to some arbitrary high standard which suits their elitist fancy.

I believe that everyone is entitled to try to write. They have the right to create in whatever medium they feel comfortable with.. They have a right to learn how, try , make mistakes and learn from their errors how to improve, get more confident and articulate in the way that best works for them at the time.

That is why I created the Professor's Write Site! That is why I made it a place where those who want to can come learn and grow more confident to achieve the proficiency that hard work, diligence and determination will yield. I welcome them, encourage them and reward their efforts with a place to exhibit their efforts. That is why this site exists and why my friends who have contributed to TPWS are known as the PROWL.

The “Professor's Recognized Original Writers League” and They along with Me, have their works proudly displayed on this site. They write to show and help others improve and become confident that with practice they too can be writers. For this reason this site has become, for many new writers, a great source of inspiration, dedication and entertainment for readers from eighty-four plus nations from all continents around the globe. In one year it has had over thirty four thousand visits.

This is due to everyone's hard work and your support. Now there have been changes and the site has had growing pains but it has endured. So now with all your help it will become bigger, better and inviting for writers everywhere. It will be for them, always entertaining, engaging and enlightening here on this site. So whether it is for articles on overcoming writers block or looking for programs that will aid in spell checking. Whether you are looking for the right word or that special E-book on whatever topic you desire.

Or if you are thinking about if writing is right for you, this is the site to start out on your trek. The questions you want to ask can be addressed to the Contact Me or in the comment sections of the appropriate article. I am Mike AKA the Professor and my friends and I will help you if we can so thank you for your support your visits, your comments and your likes. Please tell your friends about this site and help us grow!

Thank you for reading this! ;D

Copyright September 19th 2011
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