Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Words.....Simply Words

Early Prehistory Cuneiform Clay Tablet

Once upon a time, when humanity was in its early stages of evolution, primitive man use to feel awkward every time he experienced something. Whether it be a successful hunt or the  burning pain of a deep wound, something use to build up inside him and he just could never vent out.

The frustration would have been unimaginable by todays standards. After all he only knew the simplest of our rudimentary expressions which was to groan, to smile, to cry and to scream. However, something was very wrong and  terribly incomplete, to our way of thinking.

As time progressed, humans began to understand the hollowness of these simple expressions. Within their developing brain and mind, a quest for real meaning became more rampant. After a while the need to make themselves understood grew ever more intense. Man, at some moment, made a breakthrough for human beings.

A way was  discovered  to relate to others of his species what he knew beyond sign language! The best way to form thoughts and expressions with a meaning. Words, sounds that were made by the speaker and their meanings were understood by those who heard them.

They say that the invention of the wheel was the turning point in our history . It was quite a significant step in the development of humanity. But I think that I would rather say that the first word ever spoken, is of far greater significance than anything else.

Just imagine our life without having the use of these words. What would remain there, silence or simply a frighting void? It would be an isolating terribly lonely sheer void, my friends!

It would be something that we might imagined for someone born deaf, who remained unschooled in signing of any kind. It would be like suffering total amnesia from a stroke or head trauma and existing in that state without knowing how to make contact with anyone else. It would be akin to being placed in solitary confinement or stranded on a deserted island without any books or human contact of any kind.

Not a very desirable situation to find yourself in. That is something I'm certain everyone will agree with. There are times, when, we take these words for granted. Then one day, there comes a moment, when we might experience the deepest emotion and all we want to do is search for that single word or expression to describe it. For all our great intellect, very often we still feel quite clueless, at such a moment.

It is by using words that we are able to think. It is words that enable us to speak. They embody our thoughts, they embody our emotions and they embody our dreams. Words have powers that sometimes transcend our estimates. Sometimes a simple word can heal a battered soul. Together few words can be woven into a beautiful verse. Words are used to instill belief. Words can help us preserve our faith.

Words allow us to spell out our love. Words have a power to enchant people and uplift souls from the depths of ultimate gloom.  Yet words, on the other hand, can also hurt and leave a scar that even time may not erase. With words we can transform an angel into a devil and create an essence of evil forever.

The most mesmerizing capacity of words is, however, the way they are used to embody our emotions. Every word and its pronunciation have a specific meaning and expression. The way that we realize it, after pronouncing the word, is something truly phenomenal. For example, when we say ‘Dazzle’, it feels as if some unknown delight is dancing on our tongue. This is one of thr truly exceptional hallmarks of words.

We human have one insatiable need for personal expression. We constantly crave for a unique way to express ourselves completely. Over the years, we have found our refuge in our creative arts such as  Music, Colours and most importantly Words.

However, the reason words have assumed utmost significance is because their pristine simplicity. They are more deeply humane than any other form of expressions. Language is the way that we communicate with others and through the words that we use we define ourselves as well!

Words are sublime and words are subliminal too. If some words are divine then some words are true evil. Words are crude and words are rough. Words are tender and delicate too, just like, we human-beings are. After all is said and done there is one undeniable truth, my friends. They are words, simply words.

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