Wednesday, February 3, 2016

One Million Plus and Growing

"Thank You, Everyone" for being one of those who came here. Each of you, by visiting, have made this site reach a truly phenomenal statistic. Last night,  February the second 2016, this blog site was  visited by an individual who became  its one millionth visitor. To that person and everyone else who dropped by, sought out a writing tip, read a posting or decided to follow I express my deepest gratitude.

You are the reason that I and my friends created, contributed and attempted to provided a site for  fostering the love of writing. The ability to tell stories is the basis of communication. The use of words to convey images to others requires those rare elements which once mastered become magic. The development of language allowed knowledge to be shared over vast distances and became a force for change.

Today we have the internet and instant communication is everywhere. The need to be understood is greater now than ever before. Learning to write means being able to be understood by ones peers. That is why writing will never go out of fashion. Reading takes on ever greater importance when the chance to misinterpret could change the meaning of a passage from idealism to dangerous dogma.

Here, on this site, it has been my dream to help foster an understanding of writing principles. By using the techniques, software and any other tools provided, I have helped those who wish to write better improve their ability to do so. Once one learns the method of writing grammatically correct  passages, it becomes easier to display understandable verbal discourse through various printed media formats.

Now having witnessed that this site has achieved the status of recognition that over one million views commands, I am truly humbled, honoured and gratify that this  site can and will continued to be sought out for its ability to promote writing to all who come here. Thank you all again. Regards Mike Aka Professor M.

Copyright February 3rd 2016.

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